Get Involved

Virginia Cooperative Extension relies on volunteers to accomplish its mission. We believe that active citizen involvement in our programs makes a difference in our success. The work of volunteers at the local level helps us leverage our paid faculty and staff resources into a much greater impact for the people of Virginia.

There are many ways you can get involved with us. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss available opportunities.

4-H Community Volunteers

4-H is a youth development organization committed to assisting youth and the adults who work with them in acquiring the leadership abilities, life skills, and attitudes that will help them to become self-directing, productive members of society.  Through hands-on learning activities and programs, 4-H provides youth with opportunities to "learn by doing."  This is a volunteer-led, community-centered, and family-oriented program that is supervised by a trained youth development professional along other extension staff.  If you are interested in helping to "make the best better," please contact Carly Wright and Kim Monroe at 703-777-0373.

Loudoun County 4-H Volunteer Leaders' Association

The Loudoun County 4-H Leaders' Association provides adult leader fellowship and training along with providing support activities for the 4-H program through fundraising and other volunteer efforts.  They strongly support many events throughout the year such as the Loudoun County Fair. 

Loudoun County Extension Leadership Council (ELC)

An ELC is composed of a diverse group of salaried staff along with volunteer adult and youth community leaders who truly own the ever-changing Cooperative Extension program in Loudoun county.  The ELC assumes responsibility not only for identifying the needs and concerns that exist in their planning area, but also share a commitment to determine solutions, implementing them, and evaluating and reporting results.  The diversity of the group enhances discussions, deliberating, and actions.  In addition, there is a recognition that each person brings unique experiences and information that will contribute to the process.  The ELC serves as an advocate for Extension and its programs.

Loudoun County Master Gardeners

Sponsored by Virginia Cooperative Extension , The Loudoun Master Gardner program is a group of volunteers dedicated to working with the community to encourage and promote environmentally sound horticulture practices through sustainable landscape management educational programs.  These volunteers often provide information and assistance to other community members who have questions regarding home ornamental and vegetable gardens, and lawns.  Each member has undergone extensive training to be certified through Extension as a Master Gardener.

We serve the community through:

  • Daily Help Desk support
  • Demonstration Gardens
  • Garden Clinics
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Special Events

The Loudoun Agricultural Summit Working Group

This is a adhoc group that developed from the 2008 Loudoun Agricultural Summit.  Ag Summit participants decided that it was important for the ag community to get together occasionally and informally to improve communication among various producer groups, discuss issues, concerns or needs that are important to agriculture as a whole in Loudoun.  This group has no formal leadership, but meets if issues are identified that may need to be shared and discussed among the ag community.  These meetings are normally held at the Extension office and open to any interested individuals, please contact the Extension office for additional information.

We want to hear from you!

Virginia Cooperative Extension is interested in listening to your ideas of local issues and needs that VCE could address.  Your input is valuable to us as it helps us stay in touch with the pulse of the community.  We are constantly striving to keep our educational programming relevant to citizens’ needs.  We invite you to contact any of the Extension agents or any of the county/city ELC members to share your ideas.